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Quality Dentistry Care For Children, Adults, And Seniors

Horizon Family Dental is your friendly, wheelchair-accessible dental office in Taber, Alberta! We are proudly offering a comprehensive range of dentistry services and guidance in Taber, Coaldale, Vauxhall, Grassy Lake, and Bow Island. We follow the Alberta dental fee guide. Our dentists have long experience in attending to children’s dental needs and work diligently to provide professional and thorough treatment in a warm and comfortable environment. We also have a team of professionals to assist you in claiming your dental insurance benefits.

We also have a team of professionals to assist you in claiming your dental insurance benefits. As a patient-centered facility, we help soothe anxiety, fears, or doubts you may have about your treatment or surgical procedures. Adults or kids, we put forth our best efforts to make you feel safe and cared for in our expert hands!

General Dentistry

Horizon Family Dental is your go-to primary care provider in Taber, Alberta. Our experienced dentists can help in the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of dental conditions, which are critical to continued health. From children to adults, people of all ages can benefit from our general dentistry services, which incorporate the general maintenance of oral hygiene and tooth health.

Oral Examination

Oral Cancer Examination

Periodontal Examination

Tooth Examination / Extraction

Dental Cleaning

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our teeth and gums are an important part of our overall appearance. If you have crooked or yellow teeth, or one or more is missing altogether, there are many cosmetic dentistry options that can do away with these flaws and restore your confident smile. At Horizon Family Dental, we can perform a variety of cosmetic procedures to help patients improve the functionality of their teeth and overall oral health.





Dentist checking patient teeth color

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dental solutions provide advanced replacement options for your missing or damaged teeth. At Horizon Family Dental, we understand the many reasons due to which you may require restorative dentistry. Decay, tooth fracture, deterioration of a previously placed tooth, or a tooth lost in an accident are some of the common reasons. Missing a tooth can greatly influence your everyday life! It can not only impact your confidence and appearance but can cause the remaining teeth to shift or move due to open space.

Same Day Crowns (CEREC™)



Root Canal Treatment


Dental Emergency

Has your child broken his tooth during sports? Or are your inflamed gums hurting you? Our dentists at Horizon Family Dental provide primary care and treatment solutions for your dental emergencies in Taber, Coaldale, Vauxhall, Grassy Lake, and Bow Island. At our clinic in Taber, Alberta, we provide prompt, professional services. Through an initial dental evaluation, we can quickly determine whether you can be treated at our facility or need attention from a specialist. Our emergency services are also available in non-business hours for you and your loved ones in Southern Alberta!

Root Canal Treatment

Treatments Focused On Pain Management

Pediatric Dental Emergency Services

Emergency Treatment For Seniors Or People With Special Needs

Dental treatment in progress

Due For A Dental Exam?

For thorough dental evaluation and dental guidance, trust us in Southern Alberta!

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